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Director of SparkleLight Productions, Pamela Sakyi is pleased to announce that she is preparing the production of the sequel to the Award-nominated, critically acclaimed documentary, 'British Ghanaians: Lost in Translation' 

The Beginning:

In 2015 Writer-Director Pamela Sakyi (Founder of SparkleLight Productions) released "British Ghanaians: Lost In Translation". The documentary highlighted how the lack of Ghanaian language fluency can affect one's cultural identity and connection to their heritage, within the British Ghanaian community. Many people of Ghanaian parentage, living outside of Ghana, struggle to understand or speak a Ghanaian language fluently, for many different reasons and they are losing touch with their identity as a people of Ghanaian descent.

The documentary directly helped to revive interest in Ghanaian language learning amongst 2nd and 3rd generation Ghanaians in the diaspora. Ghanaian Language schools and organisations reported the increase in interest and new student applications. The documentary resonated with Ghanaians all over the world.

The Journey Continues....

There is still a long way to go. It is estimated that every 2 weeks around the world, a culture loses a language due to communities not speaking or teaching their languages. "I am convinced that we can still make an impact on the British Ghanaian community and beyond" says Pamela. "Knowledge of our Ghanaian languages helps to strengthen our communication between generations across the diaspora and with Ghanaians back home in the Motherland. It also helps to preserve the richness of our cultural identity and heritage."

Ortis Must Go!...

To make the sequel to British Ghanaians: Lost in Translation, SparkleLight Productions is appealing for YOUR HELP. Ghanaians must recognise this opportunity to help keep our languages alive across the diaspora.

The sequel will be filmed in Ghana and will address the following issues:

  • Opportunities for Ghanaian language learners (jobs, contributions to the economy etc.)
  • The effects of the current education system on fluency
  • What native Ghanaians think about the fluency problem within the diaspora

Ortis will also have the opportunity to rediscover his roots more deeply and find out just how important knowing the languages are, for people of Ghanaian descent.

We need to raise just £6000 by the campaign deadline of APRIL 30th 2017


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Listen Speak & Learn gets involved with Destination Africa…

Listen, Speak & Learn is working in partnership with Destination Africa to create and develop the most unique and creative African cultural workshops for children and families.

Destination Africa now in its third series is turning heads and creating a buzz in the London area. Destination Africa wanted to create cultural workshops for children of the African diaspora where they could learn about the languages and culture of Africa, while development their knowledge, geography, history to name few.

These classes are truly amazing and are designed to work build children up holistically. Seeing the work for myself, it was something I had to get involved as our future leaders are being prepared today. Join us if you can at the Forest Hill Pools, Dartmouth Road, London SE23 3HZ on Saturdays.

This series of workshops have been themed “It takes a village to raise a child”. The focus is on hearing the voices of parents, guardians, grandparents, uncles and aunties to share what they do and provide some wisdom and advice to assist the children in their development. These workshops are a must for allowing children to gain a greater understand of themselves and the wider African continent.


In addition to teaching the basics of Akan Twi, children and families are also learning the basics of the sotho language using many techniques developed by Listen Speak & Learn. The Presentation & Awards Day has been scheduled for Saturday 25th March 2017 @ 12:30hrs, where the children will be showcasing what they have learnt with family, friends and members of the public. Feel free to join us more information to follow.

A preview of one of the many parents’ video from this series of Destination Africa.


For more information about Destination Africa workshops and how to get involved visit or contact Abena on +44 (0) 7877 020 458 / 


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Destination Africa – African Cultural workshops have begun… in London

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A new African cultural workshop programme has officially taken off in London. This new exciting and programme is the culmination of a problem which founders Michael and Abena Richardson noticed among people of African descent living in the diaspora.

How it all began...

Abena Richardson goes on to say, our cultural heritage and languages are dying, our children do not know much about Africa and they are not being prepared or equip to assist Africa in the challenges that lay ahead. We wanted to start a programme that would give the community a platform to teach primarily children and youth about Africa and to be proud about the continent from which they came. We not only focus about the continent, its languages, cultures and history but also touch on the achievements of its children in the diaspora. Seeing children and their parents inspired and interested in Africa is the reason we do it”.

The Summer Presentation & Awards Day...

The summer classes of Destination Africa recently came to an end, culminating with a Presentation and Awards Day on 23rd August 2016. We had this special day for the children witnessed by friends, family and the community, to perform and present things they had learn directly or as a result of the 10 week workshops. “It was a blast!”  we had renditions of the South African national anthems, games, entertainment, presentations of historical figures to name a few”, including guest speakers Roy Agyemang @RoyAgy from and Producer Pamela Sakyi @SparkleLightPro of the African Film Festival award winning documentary “British Ghanaians – Lost In Translation”.

Some of the touching moments...

It was great, one of the children commented that, they knew a lot about Africa, but was very happy to be learning African languages because it really makes them feel African. Another mentioned that “Patience, Unity & Respect” (our ethos) was something they learnt to build a strong team.

What's next...

We are breaking from the summer, but will be commencing Saturday 24th September 2016, with a FREE taster. During this taster we will be explaining about Destination Africa, the aim, what we are trying to achieve and demonstrate some of what makes Destination Africa fun, entertaining educational and fun. Spread the word and we hope to see you there. The winter workshops start the following week.


There are still places available for the Winter Workshops for children


Location of FREE taster session and Winter Workshops:

Forest Hill Pools, Dartmouth Road, Forest Hill, London, SE23 3HZ @12:15hrs


To find out more about Destination Africa visit

For enquiries email

Follow on Twitter @DestAfricaGrp

Or call Abena on +44 (0) 7877 020 458   




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LSL will be at the Black Market & Film Festival – [9th April 2016]


Listen, Speak & Learn and the Destination Africa Team will be at the 8th Black Market & Film Festival. The event is to be held at Platanos College, Clapham Road, London SW9 0AL. Door open from 12:00hrs - 18:00hrs.

It would be a opportunity to meet and speak with the Listen Speak & Learn Team. You will have the opportunity to interact and view some of the upcoming content and services we have coming soon, including;

  • Demonstrations of the Online Membership platform.
  • Tips to teach your children your native language.
  • Tips to learn and maximise your learning experience with Listen Speak & Learn.
  • The opportunity to purchase Listen Speak & Learn Akan Twi Volume #1 and #2.

As well as take in the sights, sounds and items on offer at the market and film festival.


For more information about the event, visit the organiser's website by clicking on the link below.

Black History Studies - Black Market and Film Festival


Tickets are available to purchase in advance via their the event organiser's Eventbrite page


Prices are £5.50/£7.00 Children under 16 & Elders FREE


Hoepfully we look forward to seeing you there.


Michael Ekow Richardson

Michael Richarsdon

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Screening of British Ghanaians – Lost In Translation – Sunday 10th April 2015

If you haven't seen the acclaimed documentary, you have another opportunity. Since it's completion in 2015, the documentary continues to shed light on challenges that face the African diaspora. The documentary has recently been recognised by the West African Film Festival.

As ever Listen Speak & Learn will be there. Following the screening of the documentary Listen Speak & Learn along with Naomi Fletcher from the Ghanaian Language School with be panelist alongside Pamela Sakyi for a question and answers session. Join us as we discuss and debate the future of Ghanaian languages and African identity in the diaspora.

Maida Hill Place,

4 Fernhead Road,

London, W9 3ET

Sunday 10th April 2016 @ 1500hrs.
The previous screening was a SOLD OUT and I expect nothing else this time round. To avoid disappointment purchase your tickets as soon as possible.

Tickets are £10 for adults and £5 for Concessions (Aged 5-18s & Senior Citizens) for more information and to purchase your tickets click on the link below. 


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LSL Conversations “Series #1” Available

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LSL Conversations Series #1, available first on our website...

The first series of LSL Conversations is here, and available to view in advance on the Listen, Speak & Learn website, before any other platform. Access to all the "Conversations" are available when you SIGN-UP to a "LSL Online Account" which would also give you access to the (Akan) Twi Volume series, LSL Teaching Tips, LSL Practice Corner and other additional resources designed to assist you learn an African language.

How LSL Conversations came to be...

We decided to create the Conversations series posing questions to members of the public relating to language, cultural identity and cultural awareness.

The initial curiosity was sparked when I was present at a African traditional naming. This ceremony normally deemed as a right of passage for most children born to African parents was in full swing. After speaking to a few of the children present, other than obviously being aware that they were at a naming engagement (party environment), It dawned on me that the children didn't seem to have a grasp of the essence of the event (the children ranged from years five to twelve years old). The other consistent fact amongst the children I spoke to was none  could speak their native tongue, which led me to the conversational point. Is it important that the next/future generations speak their mother tongue? and why? 


Take this  journey with us...

Speaking to many different people, you start to truly grasp a vibrant picture of some of the problems, challenges and solutions at hand which either help or hinder the young or future generations from understanding their mother tongue, understanding the culture and being able to identify on more than just a superficial level.

As we go on a voyage of discovery to hear the thoughts, opinions and actions of your everyday person living in and around the U.K.

As you listen to the interviews ask yourself whether you agree or disagree with any of the comments/statements, also how would you answer the questions?

Sign-up or Click on the Logo to access the series.


"Embrace The Culture"

Michael Ekow Richardson.

Michael Richarsdon



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LSL Conversations: Interview with Pamela Sakyi

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On this episode of Listen, Speak & Learn Conversations Michael Richardson interviews Producer Pamela Sakyi on her new documentary "British Ghanaians - Lost In Translation".

In this in-depth inteview we talk about the making of the documentary, her passion for TV & film, her personal journey and an upcoming screening of "Briitsh Ghanaians - Lost In Translation" (followed by Questions & Answers) event happening at the

Bernie Grant Arts Centre, Town Hall Approach Rd, London N15 4RX


Saturday 12th December 2015 at 1900hrs.

Watch here;


For more information visit:

Twitter: @BritishGH_lit



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LS&L at the 7th Annual Black Doll Expo 2015

The Cultural Group CIC, "Listen, Speak & Learn" and "Culture Kids" were all present at the 7th annual Black Doll Expo 2015. The event was organised by Operation Sankofa, Founder Ama Vivian Gueye  said "The event was an overwhelming success. The 7th Black Dolls Expo exceeded all my expectations and I am so grateful. It tells me that you are all committed to this intention of raising awareness around the issues of 'Self-Love' and, the drive to produce resources to help our Children and Ourselves".

Abena of Cultural Kids a workshop service provided by The Cultural Group CIC teaching children about African culture, language and everything African said "We are looking to draw awareness to the importance of cultural identity and foundational importance of understanding and knowing your cultural heritage. Every person of colour living in the UK has a story to tell. They are from somewhere with a history a heritage and a bright future. Are we passing that importance of who we are to the next generation so they can stand on our shoulders and reach heights further than we could reach?, It's good being in such a environment to share and exchange ideas".

The event was a sell out and with leader black doll producers and exhibitors from around the world present. For more information about the event and further Operation Sankofa please visit



The Cultural Group CIC, Listen, Speak & Learn addresing the audience at the 7th Annual Black Doll Expo 2015

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