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We have created a short video on some of the FAQs. As new comments and question are answered they will be added to this page.

Below are some frequently asked questions read through and if there's something else you have a question on feel free to send us an email.

How would I get the best from Listen Speak & Learn?

Read the section about how to use the videos and additional information. I personally believe being confident, relaxed and practicing frequently will enable you to improve rapidly.


Why does the DVD cost and why isn't the service free?

In order to provide you with resources, a website, DVDs etc. there are many costs that I have had to personally bear. Contrary to popular belief things on the web are not necessary free and in order to provide a sustainable resource which can develop and grow to suit your needs I need to cover some of the cost incurred. Please support the project and as things improve I will endeavour to provide you with more content.

I thought that the videos will tackle the alphabet and some of the characters which are unique to Twi?

The video (Volume 1) is designed to tackle the issue of familiarisation for beginners. Language is picked up by first learning a few words, then building upon those words to form simple sentences before advancing to more complex. Once you have the absolute basics then you can tackle the alphabet and other more complex aspects to the language. When you learn a new or unfamiliar language there shouldn't be a heavy focus of the written form, this element will come naturally as you develop.

I want to learn and study Twi, where can I go in the UK?

In the UK there are private sessions and a few paid classes which I have heard of. Personally, I have been on courses provided by The Ghanaian Language School and can personally vouch for the quality of their language instructors, materials, teaching style and syllabus most importantly the support network they offer in helping people learn and develop a Ghanaian language of your choice, check them out.

Additional resources that might be beneficial?

I would recommend the following articles in terms of additional resources that would assist in learning Twi. If you know of any more please inform me and I will update the post.

-         A Twi dictionary

-         A comprehensive guide to Asante Twi (by Florence Abena Dolphyne)

-         Contact The Ghanaian Language School and enquire about their courses and practice speaking groups.


There are specific things I would like to learn?

If there are specific things you would like to know or would like videos on, please get in contact using the specified contact information, I would be in contact with you shortly to discuss.

I have an ideas which would help the project and others who are learning “Twi"?

Let your ideas be known, if it's something that can be done, we'll endeavour to do it.

Are my payment details safe?

To ensure the highest levels of customer security all payment information and processing are not handled or managed by Listen, Speak & Learn. All online payment are managed by PayPal. For more information on click on the link HERE


I ordered my DVD a while ago and it  still hasn't arrived?

If you purchase he physical DVD resources, your items are dispatched from the United Kingdom. Dispatch and shipping occurs within 24 business hours. Within the UK you DVD will be delivered by the 1st class Royal Mail postal service. If you order is delivered to countries outside of the UK, delivery may be will be slightly longer and will vary from country to country. If in doubt get in contact and we will do our best to resolve.


Got questions...

If you question is still unanswered send us an email 

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