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LSL Conversations “Series #1” Available

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LSL Conversations Series #1, available first on our website...

The first series of LSL Conversations is here, and available to view in advance on the Listen, Speak & Learn website, before any other platform. Access to all the "Conversations" are available when you SIGN-UP to a "LSL Online Account" which would also give you access to the (Akan) Twi Volume series, LSL Teaching Tips, LSL Practice Corner and other additional resources designed to assist you learn an African language.

How LSL Conversations came to be...

We decided to create the Conversations series posing questions to members of the public relating to language, cultural identity and cultural awareness.

The initial curiosity was sparked when I was present at a African traditional naming. This ceremony normally deemed as a right of passage for most children born to African parents was in full swing. After speaking to a few of the children present, other than obviously being aware that they were at a naming engagement (party environment), It dawned on me that the children didn't seem to have a grasp of the essence of the event (the children ranged from years five to twelve years old). The other consistent fact amongst the children I spoke to was none  could speak their native tongue, which led me to the conversational point. Is it important that the next/future generations speak their mother tongue? and why? 


Take this  journey with us...

Speaking to many different people, you start to truly grasp a vibrant picture of some of the problems, challenges and solutions at hand which either help or hinder the young or future generations from understanding their mother tongue, understanding the culture and being able to identify on more than just a superficial level.

As we go on a voyage of discovery to hear the thoughts, opinions and actions of your everyday person living in and around the U.K.

As you listen to the interviews ask yourself whether you agree or disagree with any of the comments/statements, also how would you answer the questions?

Sign-up or Click on the Logo to access the series.


"Embrace The Culture"

Michael Ekow Richardson.

Michael Richarsdon



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