Why LSL?

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Why Listen, Speak & Learn?


Why Listen, Speak & Learn?

For years I have been amazed why so few Ghanaians (and Africans in general) in the diaspora speak their native tongue. My wife and I decided from the moment we were blessed with Aseda and Nhyira (our children), that we wanted to teach them all we could about our Ghanaian heritage making sure they’re proud and aware of their background, history and cultural identity.

A key part of that was teaching them our native Twi tongue. As part of the resources we accumulated teaching them other life skills we struggled to find resources for children/beginners which assisted in teaching the language. There in short was the motivation, and as it was something which continues to benefit my family I wanted to make it available to others who find themselves looking for such resources. The two primary aims of Listen, Speak & Learn are;

-       To help those who want to learn and pick up the Twi/Akan language(s).

By providing a resource which is fun, intuitive and entertaining allowing you to enjoy the process of learning the language.
-       To build and bolster the love for the culture and heritage.

For those with links to Ghana to identity with the culture, in all its flamboyance. To be proud and embrace our history and understand the traditions, which makes Ghana unique.



Why Listen, Speak & Learn?


I hope you enjoy it, Support The Project

Why the resources offered are not free? I have answered this question in the FAQ’s section of the website. By supporting the project you are making for positive change and allowing those with a passion, resources and the ability to create by us, and for us. I don’t want to wait for someone to create things of benefit for me (all the time). So if you enjoy the video/resources support it financially and through your network, as together we can create better and more diverse resources to meet our needs. To put it in prospective for less than the price of a one-off trip to the cinema (minus the extras) you can purchase the DVD and “Support The Project”.

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